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14 2024.05
Emergency Command Vehicle Communication System Construction Requirements
When emergencies occur during daily supervision and management work, emergency command vehicles equipped with emergency command and dispatch systems can quickly arrive at the scene. Using the on-board...
30 2024.04
What Are the Advantages of DMR System?
DMR system has a longer battery life cycleMobile devices have long faced the problem of short battery life, and previously, a battery had very limited additional talk time after being fully charged.Ho...
23 2024.04
What Are the Applications of 5G Wireless Communication Technology?
5G system key wireless communication technologiesIn the 5G system wireless communication network, MIMO and D2D are two key technologies.MIMO technologyMIMO stands for multiple-input multiple-output te...
16 2024.04
Concept Analysis of 5G Wireless Communication Technology
5G Wireless Communication TechnologyThe 5G communication technology is a technical upgrade and transformation based on previous wireless communication network technologies, improving its overall perfo...
09 2024.04
The Application of Optical Fiber Communication in 5G Communication Systems
Information transmission completed using optical fiber as the transmission medium is called optical fiber communication. This technology is a new communication method invented in the 1970s. Optical fi...
18 2023.12
Introduction to the Technology of PMR Radios
LTE radio refers to electromagnetic waves that propagate in all free space (including air and vacuum) and are one of the limited frequency bands, with an upper frequency limit of 300 GHz (gigahertz) a...
08 2023.12
What Is DMR?
The Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard is a digital radio standard developed specifically for professional mobile radio users by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). It was ini...
19 2023.11
The Role and Principle of a Repeater
A repeater is a connection device that operates at the physical layer. It is used to interconnect two completely identical networks, and the main function is to expand the distance of network transmis...
04 2023.11
Factors Affecting the Range and Effectiveness of Walkie-talkie Communication
After nearly a century of development, the application of digital radio communication walkie-talkies has become very common, from specialized fields to ordinary consumers, from military to civilian us...
20 2023.10
Principles of Operation for the Components of a Digital Radio Communication Intercom
Digital radio communication system walkie-talkies can communicate without any network support, with no call charges, suitable for relatively fixed and frequent communication occasions. It consists of ...
05 2023.10
Overview of Key Technologies in 5G Wireless Communication System
5G system air interface technologyAccording to the relevant technical regulations and standards, the air interface technology of high-speed network transmission must meet the requirement of 1G/s netwo...
29 2023.09
Characteristics of 5G Wireless Communication Technology
The integration of diverse communication technologies in 5G wireless systemThe 5G wireless system comprises various communication technologies that effectively integrate communication technologies, ma...