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caltta 5g core network

Caltta 5G Core Network

Based on a high-performance processing server and large-capacity software, Caltta 5G core network product(i5GC) is compliant with the 3GPP R16 standard. It can support all the necessary logical network elements of the 5GC network, including AMF, SMF, UPF, AUSF, UDM, PCF, NRF and NSSF. Caltta provides small and medium-sized 5GC solutions for enterprise 5G networks and small operator networks and supports in-depth customization according to customer needs.


Features of 5G Core Network

  • Advanced Architecture

  • Based on a self-developed lightweight platform, i5GC adopts cloud-native micro-service architecture, separation of computing and storage, and separate storage of static data and dynamic operation data. 

  • Standard Interface

  • Follows 3GPP R16 protocol; control plane and user plane interfaces are decoupled; supports interconnection with mainstream DMR manufacturer.

  • Flexible Networking

  • i5GC can be deployed on a universal server or on a virtual machine. The user plane provides normal and high-performance forwarding modes, meeting various networking requirements.

  • Evolution and Integration

  • Supports the smooth evolution from 4G to 5G, 4G-and-5G convergence, unified number allocation and unified network management.

  • High Performance and Reliability

  • The control plane supports 100,000 user capacity and 5000 BTSs. The 5G system supports multi-instance load sharing, active and standby storage of microservices, control plane and media plane 1+1 hot standby, and second-level recovery after downtime.

  • High Security

  • i5GC supports multiple security mechanisms: IPSec data encryption, user ID SUCI encryption and NAS full-protection encryption, anti-DDOS. And network management supports HTTPS, log audits, decentralized domains, etc.

Specifications of 5G Core Network


i5GC 200




Xeon Silver 4114 10Core 2.2GHz


Supporting 24 DDR4 memory slots at a maximum rate of 2666MT/S

Hard disk controller

Self-developed RAID card, SAS3.0, supports RAID 0/1/10/1E


The RAID card is optional. It supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60 and power-off protection.

Network resources

Supports GE/10GE/40GE.A maximum of six physical ports are supported.

External Device Interfaces

6 USB interfaces

1 serial port

2 VGAinterfaces (One for the front and one for the back)

1 independent management network interface

Power supply

Platinum power supply, 550 W, 800 W and 1200 W, 1+1 hot-swappable redundancy power supply

Supports 110VAC, 220VAC, -48VDC, 240 V HVDC and 336 V HVDC power supply

Environmental Conditions (Temperature and Humidity)

Operating temperature: +5ºC~+40ºC

Storage temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC

Relative humidity: Operating environment 10%~90%,

Non-operating environment 5%~95%

System dimensions

Chassis Dimensions:H(88.1 mm)× W(447mm)× D(752mm)


6 fans, supports N+1 redundancy and dynamic intelligent fan speed adjustment heat dissipation system


About 30 kg in full configuration

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