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Caltta DMR Server

DMR eTC is the core network equipment of Caltta DMR trunking communication system and the control center of trunking services.


Features of DMR Server

  • Compact design, easy to deploy.

  • Modular architecture, smooth expansion.

  • NE-level disaster recovery, board-level hot standby.

  • Supports open interface and secondary development by customer.

  • Highly integrated with eChat and other systems.

  • Optimized signaling and data links specially designed for trunking services.

  • Abundant services including location, SMS and broadcasting etc.

  • End-to-End Encryption, bidirectional authentication.

Specifications of DMR Server

eTC 10eTC 100eTC 220
Dimensions(H×W×D)20mmx150mmx183mm42.8mm×434mm×704.45mm87.5mm×440mm×650 mm
Weight0.3kg≤33kg< 45 kg
Network Rangesmallsmall and medium large
Architectureintegrated into BBUindependent server; integrated gatewayhigh-density server; integrated gateway
Power SupplyDC: 12V–48V DC / 100V ~220V AC-48V DC / 100V~240V AC
Power Consumption≤30 WAC: ≤750 W  DC: ≤1100 W<850W
Maximum Number of OMM Clients55100
Maximum Number of Dispatch Consoles1010512
Maximum Number of Base Stations1616512
Maximum Number of Groups25525520000
Maximum Number of Trunking Users200020000200000
Call Setup Delay<300 ms<300 ms <300 ms
Voice Delay<350 ms<350ms<350 ms
Number of PSTN and PABX30 (1×E1)30 (1×E1)60 (2×E1)

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