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Caltta LTE Server

Caltta LTE Server(eTC) is a unified core network equipment. As the control node of voice, data, and trunking services, it takes advantage of LTE broadband to provide abundant multimedia services and comprehensive solutions for various fields. ZXTS eTC integrates a complete set of LTE trunking core network NEs in a single physical node, including eMME, SGW, PGW, eHSS, PDS, and DAS, easy to commission and maintain.


Features of LTE Server

  • Tailored for Industry Users

  • Caltta LTE Server(eTC serialized products) provides eTC1000, eTC530, eTC200, and eTC10 of different sizes and performances, meeting the differentiated needs of various industries and scenarios.

  • Professional Trunking 

  • Compliant with ITU standard, supporting professional trunking (the call-setup time is less than 250ms) and unified dispatching with other PMR professional mobile radio systems. 

  • Higher Reliability

  • Supports 1+1 board-level hot standby, N+1 backup, load sharing and hot swap, NE level disaster recovery. 

  • Higher Security

  • Supports two-way authentication, air interface encryption, VPN, end-to-end encryption and other security-protection functions. 

  • Abundant Services

  • Besides voice calls and PTT services, it provides abundant multimedia services including video calls, video transmission, location, SMS, picture, etc.

  • Good Scalability

  • With modularized hardware design, it supports smooth capacity expansion with easy upgrades.

Specifications of LTE Server

ZXTS eTC 1000ZXTS eTC 530ZXTS eTC 200ZXTS eTC 10
Dimensions (H x W× D]11U Height
486 x 483 x 568 mm
3U Height
133 x 486 x 434mm
2U Height
86.8 x 434 x 715.5mm
19 x148.5 x 183 mm
Weight95 Kg (full config)20.3 Kg30 Kg (full config)0.35 Kg
Power SupplyDC: - 40 V ~ - 57VAC: 200 V ~ 240 VDC: - 40.5 V ~ - 72 V
AC: 200 V ~ 240 V
DC: 12V
Power Consumption1800W ( basic config )
4500W ( full config)
800 W750 W< 30 W
Maximum Number of Users2000001000005,000500
Maximum Number of Simultaneously Activated Bearers400,000200,00010,0001000
Maximum Number of Groups200005,0001000100
Maximum Number of eNodeBs20481283010
Maximum Number of Trunking Calls50001000512256
Throughput40 Gbps6 Gbps2 Gbps0.8 Gbps

Document Download of LTE Server

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