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Caltta LTE Distributed Base Station

Caltta LTE distributed base station adopts a carrier-grade unified SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform, which supports rich frequency bands and flexible configuration to satisfy the advanced performance, high integration, rapid deployment, and smooth evolution. It consists of LTE BBU (B8200) and RRU (R8978, R8972E, R8852E, R8504) as different RRUs support various bands.


Features of LTE Distributed Base Station

  • SDR Architecture for Smooth Evolution

  • Caltta LTE base station adopts unified Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform to protect customers' investments and support smooth evolution to the future.

  • Rich Frequency Bands

  • The frequency band resources have always been very valuable. Caltta LTE base station supports various TDD and FDD frequency bands to meet the requirements of private LTE network deployment in different regions, enabling users to have more choices during network deployment.

  • Carrier-grade Equipment, Stable and Reliable

  • With million-times commercial deployment experience, Caltta LTE RRU distributed base station fully complies with carrier-grade standards, and facilitates stable performance and reliable quality, saving customers' after-sales worries

  • Distributed Architecture, Flexible Networking

  • Based on distributed BBU and RRU architecture, the 4g LTE radio equipment can be installed independently and flexibly, connects with fiber to reduce loss, improves the coverage and simplifies network construction.

  • High Integration, Rapid Deployment

  • The BBU is only 2U in height, it supports wall mounting, pole mounting and cabinet installation. RRU supports tower mounting installation. The distributed base station is easy to deploy and connect,  supporting rapid network construction.

Specifications of LTE Distributed Base Station

Indoor BBU: ZXSDR B8200
Dimensions (H x W x D)88.4 x 482.6 x 197mm
Power Consumption90W (Basic Configuration)
Power Supply - 48V DC / 220V AC
Clock Synchronization Mode GPS / GLONASS / BDS / 1588
Operating Temperature -20 °C + 55 °C
Operating Humidity 5 % RH~ 95 % RH
Max. Cells Ant.8 BF: 18 2T2R: 36


Frequency1.4GHz/1.8GHz400 MHz/500 MHz/600MHz/1.4 GHz /1.8 GHz/2.3 GHz/2.6 GHz5.8GHz450MHz
Transmit Power8 × 20 W2×40W4×1W2 × 40 W
Number of Paths8T8R2T2R4T4R2T2R
Dimension (H x W x D ) 430 x 400 x 125 mm422 × 218 x 126mm300 × 210 × 86.5mm415 × 296 ×114 mm
Volume22 L11L6L14L
Weight21 Kg10 Kg6Kg18 Kg
Power Consumption< 440 W< 160 W<100 W< 320 W
Power Supply- 48 V DE- 48 V DC / 220 V AC- 48 V DC / 220 V AC- 48 V DE
Temperature Range-40°C ~ + 55°C- 40 °C ~ + 55 °C-50°C ~ + 70°C- 40 °C ~ + 55 °C
Humidity Range2 % RH ~ 100 % RH2% RH ~ 100 % RH5 % RH ~100 % RH5 % RH ~ 100 % BH
Protection RateIP66IP66IP65IP65

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