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As a professional DMR manufacturer, Caltta DMR solutions are fully compliant with ETSI DMR standard, featuring wide coverage, analog-digital compatibility, and evolution to LTE, widely applied in public safety, transportation, utilities, etc.

Private LTE
Private LTE

Caltta private LTE solution provides various functions such as PTT, GIS, data collection, video transmission, multimedia dispatching, etc, which greatly improves work coordination and dispatch efficiency.

eChat PoC
eChat PoC

Caltta eChat PoC system is an advanced platform that utilizes the operator's 2G/3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide wide coverage and unlimited channels, supporting various functions such as PTT, location, visualized dispatching, etc.

Emergency Comms
Emergency Comms

Caltta emergency communications solutions include portable, man-pack vehicle-mounted, and Ad-Hoc systems featuring flexible networking and rapid deployment, they are widely applicable in the case of emergencies such as firefighting and earthquake rescue, etc.

Unified Comms
Unified Comms

Caltta Unified Communication System meets the demand for unification, visualization, intelligence, mobility, and flat design through cross-platform integration and information sharing.


Caltta provides end-to-end 5G products, including 5G Core Network, 5Ggnodeb, and 5G Terminals, which support smooth evolution, open interface, and flexible customization.

Hot PMR Radios
Public Safety

As challenges are getting increasingly complicated, it is an indispensable trend to introduce broadband trunking technologies to meet the requirements of professional users from public safety.

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Caltta is committed to providing customized services and professional applications for governmental affairs and smart city construction.

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Industry Challenge
Rail Transit

Caltta wireless LTE trunking communication solution integrates passenger information system (PIS), onboard CCTV, train control (CBTC), and multimedia trunking services in one system.

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Airport & Port

Caltta provides diversified solutions for airports and ports by utilizing 2G, 4G, PoC, 5G and integrated networks, to improve daily operation efficiency and emergency response.

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Power Grid

Caltta smart power grid broadband communication solution, based on LTE technology and B-TrunC standard, covers the whole business process of the power system.

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Oil & Gas

Caltta oil & gas integrated communication solution is equipped with various communications networks supporting automatic data collection, intelligent inspection, and so on, to accelerate digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

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Search & Rescue

In response to emergencies, disasters, accidents, and other emergent events, Caltta, as experienced in the Search & Rescue industry, provides an integrated emergency communication solution.

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Caltta commercial solution can secure business operations, improve operational efficiency as well as provide high-quality communications at low costs.

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Leading the Convergence of Global PMR Communications

Caltta is a leading provider of integrated professional trunking communication solutions. With the mission of "Make Communications Safer and Richer", Caltta takes continuous innovation as the technology-driven cornerstone, professional technology as the root of the industry, provides efficient and high-quality services, and works with industry partners to create win-win cooperation of ecology, creating value for global customers.

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Why Caltta

We Pursue the Perfect Quality of Communication Mobile Radios & Systems

One-Stop Solution

With a complete range of 2G, 4G, 5G, and PoC end-to-end products, Caltta brings you a one-stop solution and high-quality services.

Unified Comms

Based on the industry-leading carrier-class architecture, Caltta supports "DMR+LTE" and "DMR+PoC" cross-system networking and integrated dispatching.

Flexible Customization

Taking continuous innovation as the technology-driven cornerstone, Caltta supports flexible customization of solutions from systems to terminals.

Wide Applications

With a deep understanding of vertical industries, Caltta's DMR solutions have been widely used in Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities, Energy, Emergency Response, etc.

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