Caltta Technologies Co., Ltd.
Caltta Technologies Co., Ltd.
PMR Radio Company Caltta

Company Profile

Caltta Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a leading supplier of integrated PMR communication solutions. With more than 800 experienced professionals and over 400 global patent technology authorizations and software copyrights(cut off 2022), Caltta is capable of providing broadband trunking and narrowband trunking, PTT over Cellular, emergency communications, integrated communication command, and other products and solutions. Caltta's professional digital trunking system and network have been successfully deployed in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, widely applicable in local government, public safety, emergency, rail transit, utilities, energy, and other verticals, providing professional communication services to more than 5 million users.

Caltta is committed to leading the Convergence of Global PMR Communications. In 2014, it launched the industry-leading "2+4" broadband and narrowband convergence solution, using DMR and LTE convergence networking, while supporting key voice and broadband data services; in 2017, the company proposed an "All Convergence" strategy, advocating "converged services, converged networks, converged terminals and converged industries"; in 2021, Caltta became jointly owned by Beijing E-town International Investment & Development Co., Ltd. and its own staff. Looking forward to the future, for the digital transformation in the 5G era, Caltta will provide end-to-end 5G industry application solutions, combining artificial intelligence and big data to help multi-industry and multi-field digital construction.

With the mission of "Make Communications Safer and Richer", Caltta takes continuous innovation as the technology-driven cornerstone, professional technology as the root of the industry, provides efficient and high-quality services, and works with industry partners to create win-win cooperation of ecology, creating value for global customers.

Caltta PMR Radio Brand Story

Compliance Declaration

It is the policy of Caltta to comply with global export control laws and regulations including those of China, the United States, the European Union, and other relevant jurisdictions. You may not use, sell, supply, or otherwise export, re-export or transfer Caltta products except in strict accordance with these laws.  By purchasing or using Caltta products, you further confirm that the Caltta products will not be exported, reexported, or transferred directly or indirectly (i) to or for use in countries or territories subject to comprehensive U.S. economic sanctions or (ii) to or for use in or by any individual or entity on restricted party lists maintained by China, the United States, European Union or other relevant government authority (or anyone owned by or acting on behalf of such individual or entity) unless reviewed and approved by Caltta. 

Our History

Guaranteed Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Launched the smallest explosion-proof radio PH990Ex/PH910Ex

LTE broadband trunking became mainstream and started evolution to 5G

Launched integrated Dispatching System

Launched the new brand: Caltta

Initiated Full Convergence  strategy

Launched the first tri-mode radio GH900 in the world

Achieved large-scale deployments in public safety, municipality, rail transit, and utilities

Launched the industry's first “2+4” narrowband and broadband convergence solution

Became a core member of the DMR, B-TrunC, and PDT associations

GoTa was approved as an international standard by ITU

The Trunking Technology Corp. was  founded

Started technical research on GoTa, a CDMA-based digital trunking system