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Caltta DMR Distributed Base Station

Based on Caltta's advanced SDR platform, Caltta base station implements a distributed architecture that separates the baseband from the radio frequency (RF). It consists of B8200(BBU) and R8881(RRU) and is compatible with both digital and analog trunking.


Features of DMR Base Station

  • World-leading SDR architecture, broader coverage.

  • Flexible networking with star and chain networks supported.

  • Optical fiber connection without feeder loss.

  • High sensitivity and better call quality.

  • Adapts multi-carrier technology, and realizes software expansion for cost savings.

  • High environmental adaptability.

  • Smooth evolution to 4G.

  • Frequency scanning to eliminate interference.

  • Efficient amplifier, natural heat dissipation, 80% power saving.

Specifications of B8200(BBU) and R8881(RRU)

Capability 16 Carriers
Size ( H × W × D ) 88.4 mm × 482.6 mm × 197 mm
Weight ≤ 7.5 kg
Power Consumption ≤135W
Power Supply - 48 V DC / 220 V AC
Synchronization GPS / BDS
Operating temperature - 30 °C to + 60 °C
Operating humidity 5 % ~ 95 %
Dust and Water Intrusion IP20
Emission and immunity ETSI EN 300 386 / ETSI TS 125 113

Channel Spacing

Analog: 25/12.5 kHz

Digital: 12.5 kHz

Dimensions (H×W×D)370mm × 320mm × 215mm
Working ModeAnalog, MPT, DMR Tier Ⅱ/Ⅲ , Simulcast
Power Supply-48VDC
Operating Temperature-40ºC~+60ºC
Operating Humidity5%~98%
Modulation Mode

Analog: FM (optional)

Digital: 4FSK

Digital Sensitivity≤ 0.18uV ( BER 5% )
Diversity Mode2 diversity / 4 diversities
Single-carrier RF Power≤50 W (Adjustable) 100% full duty cycle

Document Download of DMR Base Station

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