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Caltta sMesh750 Broadband Mesh Fixed Base Station

ZXIMCU sMesh750 broadband mesh fixed base station is suitable for vehicle installation, fixed installation, and drone installation. 

It features a small size, light weight, and fast deployment. It supports layer two transparent transmission and services such as data, voice, location, video module access, Wi-Fi AP, etc.


Features of sMesh750 Broadband Mesh Fixed Base Station

  • One-press Startup

  • One-press startup. sMesh750 can be connected to the internet in no time.

  • High Reliability

  • IP67 protection, it can work in any harsh environment. When a node in the network fails or the connection is interrupted, the system will re-select the best transmission route to achieve network self-healing.

  • Multiple Scenarios

  • Applicable different scenarios such as vehicles (ship, drone) and fixed installation, flexible deployment according to the requirement.

  • Flexible Networking

  • With a decentralized and same-frequency Ad-Hoc mesh network and flexible and configurable carrier bandwidth, it supports flexible and dynamic networking modes including chain, star, tree, hybrid, etc.

  • Frequency Scanning

  • Scan frequency in real-time and check environmental interference.

  • Easy Management

  • Supports monitoring each terminal and wireless network connection in real-time and checking GIS position information.

  • Rich Services

  • Supports services including voice, vedio, data, positioning, etc. Supports connection to the satellite network, public network, LTE stations, etc.

Specifications of sMesh750 Broadband Mesh Fixed Base Station

Working Frequency 486~546MHz
Working ModeTDD
Technical StandardCOFDM
Working bandwidth2.5M/5M/10M/20MHz
Transmit Power 2 x 10W
Receiving Sensitivity  ≤ -105dBm
Number of Paths 2
Maximum Rate ≥50Mbps
Networking Ad-Hoc network
Maximum Nodes 32
Number of Hops Suggest ≤8 hops
Encryption Mode DES/AES128/AES256, etc.
Antenna port RF antenna
Network port data transmission and network management
Earphone port  connect earphones
Wi-Fi port (SMA)  Wi-Fi antenna
GPS  GPS antenna
Power  external power supply
Operating Temperature  -40℃~ +60
Dust and Water Resistance  IP67
System Expansion(Optional)
Adaptive Frequency Hopping  Avoid interference and improve environment adaptivity
Public/Private Network Access  Connect to the public 4G network, private 4G network
External Video Access  External video input through HDMI interface

Document Download of sMesh750 Broadband Mesh Fixed Base Station

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