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Caltta sMesh100 Broadband Mesh Manpack System

The sMesh (smart Mesh) broadband mesh manpack system adopts decentralized co-frequency Mesh network technology and distributed network architecture. The system supports any network topology and multi-hop relay, and provides users with multimedia services like All IP clear voice and broadband data in non-line-of-sight and fast-moving scenarios.


Features sMesh100 Broadband Mesh Manpack System

  • Quick Startup

  • Requiring no configuration, the system starts up only with one press and accesses the network in seconds.

  • Flexible Networking

  • The system adopts a decentralized co-frequency mesh network and flexibly configured bandwidth of the carrier. It supports point-to-multipoint, chain relay, star network, and hybrid network, as well as multi-hop relay and forwarding.

  • High Reliability

  • With IP67 protection, high anti-vibration performance, and a temperature range of –40°C to +60°C, the system can work properly in any harsh environment.

  • Disaster Recovery

  • When a node of the network fails or disconnects, the system calculates and switches the task of the above node to other nodes, selects an optimal path for transmission, and realizes network self-healing.

  • Frequency Scanning

  • The AD HOC system can scan frequency in real-time to check environmental interference.

  • Easy to Manage

  • The system can display the working status of each node and wireless link quality, as well as GIS location information.

  • One System, Multiple Purpose

  • The system can be flexibly deployed as required, such as manpack, onboard (vehicle or vessel), or fixed at one position. It can meet the requirements of communication support for users on land or on board and can realize wireless networking coverage during parking or travel of vehicle or vessel.

  • Rich Services

  • The system supports rich services such as voice video, and location, VPN connection and can be connected with satellite, public network, and LTE base station systems.

Specifications of sMesh100 Broadband Mesh Manpack System




Working Frequency

566–626 MHz, Tailor-made

Working Mode


Technical Standard


Working Bandwidth

Flexibly configured as 2.5 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz or 20 MHz

Transmit Power

2x2 W, 2T2R



Data Rate

maximum 50 Mbps

Networking Mode

Centerless, co-frequency Mesh

Networking Scale

32 nodes and more in co-frequency networking

Encryption Mode


Power Supply

Self-provided battery;

External AC/DC

Battery Life

12 hours


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Air pressure range

70~106 kPa

Dust and Water





Above class 7M2 in GBT 4798.7-2007 Environmental

conditions existing in the application of electric

and electronic products - Part 7: Portable and nonstationary




270mm × 170mm × 65mm (without handle)


3.5 kg (with battery)

External Port

Network Port: data transmission and network management

Wi-Fi Port (SMA): Wi-Fi access

Audio Port: connected to an external earphone

RF Port (N): connected to an RF antenna

GPS (SMA): location

Power Port: connected to an external power supply

System management

Unied NMS

1. Unified NMS manages all on-net nodes and

supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint,

chain, star network, and hybrid network topology.

2. NMS can check the communication quality

between nodes in real time.

3. Spectrum frequency can be scanned, and

interference to the used band can be checked in

real time.

4. Locations of nodes can be positioned on GIP

(geographical information) map in real time.

5. Multiple paths of voice and data services can be


Optional accessories

Reinforced notebook, reinforced PAD, spare battery,

portable mast, etc.

Document Download of sMesh100 Broadband Mesh Manpack System

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