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iDS(integrated Dispatching System), as one of the products of unified communications, can be connected to remote sites through wired, wireless, and satellite linkage. It interconnects with heterogeneous video and conference systems to deliver voice, video, location, and message, to achieve unified dispatching and facilitate cross-department/inter-system communications and well-informed decision-making.


Features of iDS

  • Public Security Command

  • As unified communications and dispatching platform, iDS empowers the public safety forces for their daily routine operations as well as for emergency response with reliable group communications and personnel dispatching features.

  • Emergency Management

  • Facing natural disasters and urban major accidents, various handling forces can communicate and collaborate smoothly via iDS. The system achieves intelligent, flat, and integrated operations of emergency rescue.

  • Unified Access 

  • It supports voice access via private LTE network, VoIP, TETRA, short wave, satellite, PLMN, PSTN, and DMR trunking.  It can be interconnected with video monitoring platforms to achieve unified access to video sources such as cameras, drones, wearables, and so on. It also supports interconnection with video conferencing systems through standard protocols such as SIP and H323.

  • Versatile Interfaces 

  • Caltta iDS that we DMR radio manufacturers have provides a variety of secondary development interfaces and provides standard service capabilities such as voice, video, location, message, and data capabilities to enable commanding from video walls, computers, and other smart devices.

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