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Caltta's Public and Private Converged Wireless Communication Solution Protects Green Mengzi City

The focus of forestry communication is on forest fire prevention, forest patrol, and daily communication with forestry-related departments to ensure that fires can be detected and reported at the first time. It is necessary to continually improve the emergency plan, scientifically arrange the forces of fire prevention and extinction in advance, and strengthen the information construction. which can ensure that the front-line command center can go out, the team can move to the front, and the communication is smooth, to effectively and orderly handle fire fighting, rescue, clean-up and other aspects of the work.

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At present, forestry communication mainly includes the following methods:

Public network communication: It is used by the person in charge in the periphery of the forest region for daily communication and work report to the headquarters. This method is simple but the connection time is long, and it is highly restricted by the network, so it is uncontrollable under special circumstances.

Satellite communication: When emergencies such as fire occur, public network communication is not available in most areas of the forest. At this time, the person in charge is supposed to contact the headquarters and relevant departments by applying satellite communication. This method is not restricted by the topography and is highly flexible. However, the connection time is uncontrollable, and communication costs as well as running expenses are high.

Ultrashort wave communication: Once fire happens, the communication among firefighters, teams, and command departments requires continuous, controllable, responsive and portable equipment. In this case, ultrashort wave communication equipment is used.

Caltta’s public-private converged solution is based on the current communication status of Mengzi Forestry and Grassland Administration, and makes the most of the advantages of various network communication technologies in forestry scenarios, to build a stable, practical and reliable communication guarantee system for Mengzi Forestry.

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The wireless communication solution provided by Caltta to Forestry and Grassland Administration fully utilizes the trend that major public network operators continuously expand and improve the communication coverage in urban and rural areas, taking advantage of PoC and dispatching management. This solution also perfectly integrates traditional ultrashort wave radio PTT solution, and fully applies the combination of public and private networks to the management and protection of forestry and grassland. The specific advantages are as follows:

Converge public and private networks to dispatch, which makes it easy to access the communication information such as voice, short message, location, picture, video, and so on.

Integrate dual-network applications on the radio, with strong service customization capability on intelligent operating system

Effectively reduce the number of private network base stations and its maintenance cost

Use self-link technology of ultrashort wave fixed station to improve the efficiency and reliability of the private network multi-station networking deployment in the field

Provide PDT system interconnection interface that meets emergency management standards, which can be linked with the command and communication system of the Emergency Management Bureau

The convergence of public and private networks

Relying on Caltta’s mature PDT narrowband trunking system and eChat PoC system technical capabilities, the Mengzi Forestry and Grassland Administration is equipped with multiple emergency command vehicles, on which the PR900 PDT repeaters are deployed. The repeaters are connected to the PD200 dispatch system in the administration building through IP, and form a PDT mobile command network for wide signal coverage in the forest area.

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An eChat POC system is deployed in the bureau building, and users can access to the system through professional eChat radios or mobile phones with eChat PTT APP. In addition, the leaders of the Bureau can install the eChat PTT APP on their mobile phones. If there is an incident, they can log in the eChat PTT APP through their mobile phones to command at any time.

Dmr Contacts

The PDT network and eChat network are interconnected in order to achieve unified dispatch. By utilizing the wide coverage of public network in urban areas and taking the advantage of PDT system’s rapid deployment in the deep forest, it finally realizes the front and rear integrated command and dispatch of forestry wireless communication.

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Public network and satellite dual link backhaul

Concerning the long-distance communication between the Bureau and the emergency command vehicles, Caltta adopts the public network as the main link, and the satellite link as the supplementary link, in order to ensure the joint command and dispatch of the front and rear and data backhaul. This method makes use of public network link’s low cost, large bandwidth and timeliness, together with satellite link’s stability, destroy resistantance and redundancy. Meanwhile, the public network link equipment on the emergency command vehicle can provide WiFi hotspot for the mobile phone access of frontline staff, which improves the life convenience of frontline staff.

Dmr Digital Mobile Radio

After more than one month of field usage verification, the wireless communication solution provided by Caltta for Mengzi Forestry has effectively solved the pain points of forestry users, and was unanimously praised by both the leaders and general staff of the Mengzi Forestry and Grassland Administration.

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