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Caltta All-Star Lineup | Compact and Powerful DMR Radio PH600/PH660

Do you want a radio with professional performance, but light and handy?

If so, Caltta brand new design PH600/PH660 would be the perfect choice for you.

Dmr Radio Network

Compact Design, Professional PTT

With the height of only 100mm and weight less than 300g, the two “super short” radios of Caltta PH600/PH660 are much compact and portable comparing with other traditional bulky walki-talki.

Digital Radio Communication

Small but powerful, the new PH600/PH660 models do not sacrifice any of its features in exchange for smaller volume. The base band adopts mainstream high-end Ti platform for professional radio, which supports mainstream communication protocols and has good service scalability. The RF part adopts separated circuit design, featuring high receiving sensitivity and low interferences.

In order to make it handy and user-friendly, Caltta overcame multiple technical problems, including shorten the main board and improve structure integration to present the compact PH600/PH660 radios, which are highly recognizable in appearance with powerful PTT functions.

PH600/PH660 support all types of digital PTT services, and can operate in conventional, simulcast and IP connection modes. It also supports Enhanced Conventional System (ECS) mode through software upgrade to realize pseudo trunking services.

Abundant Additional Services

Built-in Bluetooth Module Support Bluetooth earpieces and Bluetooth PTT ring

Indoor/Outdoor Location Using GPS for outdoor and Bluetooth for indoor to realize accurate location

Recording  Support up to 300 hours recording with TF card

Man-down Sending alerting message when the radio tilts to a a certain angle at times of emergency

Real-time Clock  With a 1.75 inch transflective LCD, the PH660 supports real-time clock and can adjust time automatically when changing battery.

Vibration Alert  With an installed vibration motor, user status can be hint privately

High-level Encryption Support DMR 128bit/256bit encryption for higher communication safety.

Digital Two Way Radio

High Reliability

Meeting IP68 standard and Mil-STD-810 test, the PH6 series are suitable for severe working environments at high or low temperature, moisture and high altitude, robust enough for various demanding requirements of professional users.

Application Scenarios

The forest ranger can use PH600/PH660 to report locations through GPS and stay connected all the time.

Dmr Encryption Standard

Thanks to indoor Bluetooth location function, the supermarket inspectors can report location info easily with PH600/PH660.

Dmr Equipment

At ports, the PH600/PH660 can be used to realize large-capacity PTT calls under ECS(Enhanced Conventional System) network.

Dmr Radio Range

Thanks to the Man down function, the PH600/PH660 will trigger alarm when field operators fall down accidentally at times of emergency.

Dmr Security

For railway safety supervisor, the PH600/PH660 can be used to dispatch trains using high-level encryption calls to avoid information disclosure.

Conventional Radio

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