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Caltta Technologies: Pioneering Private Connectivity and Crisis-Ready Communications


The existing user base of two-way radios is highly diversified regarding technology adoption in terms of both communications protocols and use cases. As the industry steps into the digital and LTE and 5G era, Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) technologies continue to evolve, offering innovative solutions for both daily operations and crisis management. At the heart of this transformation are vendors such as Caltta Technologies, a leading player in private and professional communications. With a rich history of two decades, Caltta has been at the forefront of designing and delivering cutting-edge products and solutions for mission and business-critical communications. 


In this exclusive interview with Richard Sun, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Caltta Technologies, Radio China (R.C) and its strategic partner The Critical Communications Review (TCCR) delves into the company's strategic approaches, market expansions, and product innovations that have defined its success in 2023. The discussion provides valuable insights into how Caltta navigates the competitive landscape, addresses the diverse needs of its global customers and users, and maintains a forward-looking approach to technology. 


As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2023, we also peer into the future with Richard's insights on the company's vision for 2024. With plans to increase investment in key markets, foster existing partnerships, and explore new territories, Caltta is poised for sustained growth. The commitment to research and development remains unwavering, ensuring that customer needs are met promptly and that Caltta continues to be a trailblazer in the industry. 


An Exclusive Interview with Richard Sun Ming Liang

---SVP of Caltta Technologies

R.C & TCCR: We can see Europe has been a focus for Caltta, with significant growth observed. How has Caltta approached this market, and what strategies have contributed to this success? 

Caltta: Europe indeed presents a dynamic market for us. Our competitive two-way radio and infrastructures have played a crucial role, coupled with a steady increase in high-quality channels throughout 2023. Emphasizing sustainable growth, we executed comprehensive plans for product go-to-market and channel empowerment. Collaborating closely with distributors, we've constructed robust business channels. 


R.C & TCCR: How about other regions like the Americas, APAC, and MEA? How has Caltta established its presence in these areas? 

Caltta: In the Americas, APAC, and MEA, we've strategically planted the seeds for growth. Our focus on competitive products and solutions, along with a robust channel strategy, has laid a solid foundation. The proactive planning and execution in Europe have been replicated globally, ensuring that we are well-positioned for growth in these key regions. 


R.C & TCCR: Caltta is known for its diverse range of products and solutions. Could you elaborate on some of your key offerings and their global adoption? 

Caltta: Certainly. We excel in providing private 4G/5G and fast-deploy solutions for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR). Our SmartLink Ad-hoc Solution, for instance, has made a significant impact, with projects like the Northeast China forest initiative extensively covered using our solutions. We are proud to have secured procurement listings from the Emergency Management Bureau, and our SmartLink Solution has gained acceptance in South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. 


R.C & TCCR: How does Caltta approach business-critical users, especially with products like DMR? 

Caltta: Our DMR two-way radios, tailored for business-critical users, are mainly delivered through our trusted channel partners. Widely adopted globally, especially in industrial and enterprise scenarios, our DMR offerings ensure reliable and effective communication for efficient operations. 


R.C & TCCR: Could you share some progress and notable implementations in the LTE branch? 

Caltta: Absolutely. We've successfully implemented LTE-M solutions in over 70 metro lines in China and also Latin America. This technology has proven effective and is gaining traction in transportation sectors worldwide. 

Private 4G/5G networks are becoming crucial. We actively participate in standardization for private 4G/5G networks and have completed multiple project deliveries. Our commitment is to offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our diverse range of clients. 


R.C & TCCR: How does the company position itself strategically in the market? 

Caltta: With two decades of PMR product and solution design experience, Caltta serves as a one-stop shop for global partners and users in mission and business-critical communications. Our advanced distributor management policy has been instrumental in supporting channel partners' growth globally. 

Our strategy of focusing on key distributor and system integrator has brought significant advantages. In regions where channel resources are limited, we collaborate closely with single project partners, supporting them comprehensively from project initiation to delivery and maintenance afterward. 


R.C & TCCR: Looking ahead to 2024, what are Caltta's plans for market expansion and product development? 

Caltta: Our focus remains on nurturing partnerships, and actively expanding our footprint in significant countries to ensure sustained global market growth. We will continue prioritizing research and development of products and functions to meet customer needs promptly, enhance their experiences, and increase our brand value. We aim to make breakthroughs in industries like public safety, EMS, rail transit, oil & gas, mega events and utilities, offering professional solutions to guarantee safety and efficiency, as well as breakthroughs in more countries and regions. 

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