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Caltta Leads with Private Communications Solution for Airports


In recent years, along with the rapid development of the civil aviation, the industry has higher requirements for the quality of airport ground services, including dispatching of various, safety for passengers and flights in accordance with civil aviation standards, and flight punctuality., It is a great challenge to improve the efficiency of ground handling operations and reduce OPEX at the same time.
According to the industry authority’s analysis, civil airports have common pain points for their communication networks:

  1. Overall systematic architecture design is inadequate, while the airport operation process is evolving, and the main contradiction cannot be solved in time.
  2. The airport network is becoming more and more complex, and there is insufficient attention to network security.
  3. The airport service systems are not integrated, data sharing and exchange is insufficient.
  4. The operation of each airport is relatively independent, the perception and linkage of the previous airport of the flight is inadequate.

New technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and 5G, have made continuous progress. They have been combined with civil aviation technology to achieve integrated development. The digitization of civil aviation operations has become a trend, and the construction of smart and modern civil airports has been put on the agenda. The smart airport can realize the network interconnection and enable more efficient cross-department collaboration. It sets up a smart platform for safe, green and friendly airports.
Most airports still use narrowband PMR as a daily communications and dispatch system. Caltta promotes a “2+4+5” fully converged private wireless network solution. It uses narrowband PMR to cover the entire airport and apron and provide command and dispatch services. Meanwhile, private LTE and 5G coverage are used in hotspot areas such as the apron, terminal, and office areas. The convergent communications platform offers outstanding broadband multimedia features. All users of both narrowband and broadband networks can be grouped and dispatched in a unified manner to achieve seamless communications and coordination.


Multiple networking options available
i. Narrowband networking is simple and economical.
ii. Broadband brings rich services, one network for multiple purposes.
iii. Broadband and narrowband convergence, unified dispatch, secured network.
iv.Combination of public and private networks meets the diversified needs of users.
Improve work efficiency and accelerate emergency response
i. Improve efficiency and management, reduce man-made accident rate.
ii. Wired and wireless system convergence empowers full process automation.
iii. Quick response during emergency.
Highly reliable architecture and comprehensive security
i. DMR/B-TrunC ITU standard technology, dedicated network, physical isolation, end-to-end encryption; all work together to ensure data security.
ii. Local hot backup and geo redundancy, fault weakening mechanism to ensure no interruption of services.
2+4+5 convergence of broadband services and professional trunking
i. One unified network carries rich services such as voice dispatch, data, positioning, 5G HD video & AR applications, face recognition, and multimedia trunking dispatch services.
ii. The interconnection of multiple communication systems in the airport improves the efficiency of collaborative work among departments.
iii. The perfect combination of CDM system, airport vehicle positioning, video assistance, trunking communication and work order scheduling.
Caltta’s “2+4+5”converged communication solution provides airport users with a secure, reliable, and efficient wireless communication network. It brings new momentum into smart airports, solves the uneven utilization of network resources, enhances the full-process automation experience, and improves airport security level. The solution enables rich service experience with large bandwidth and low latency, such as face recognition payment, AR indoor navigation, etc.
Caltta leads in providing private communications systems to modern airports. Caltta’s smart airport integrated communication solution has been adopted by airports, home and abroad, such as Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport, Haikou Meilan Airport, Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, Kazakhstan Turkistan Airport.

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